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Plant Based Diets- More Good News

The February, 2024 Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA] Network Open addressed a common concern that there might be a link between a plant-based diet and hip fractures in postmenopausal women.

The JAMA report actually included diets containing no animal products [vegan], as well as those with a small amount of animal foods [including dairy and eggs]. Evaluating data from more than 70,000 postmenopausal women who had answered food intake questionnaires, researchers assessed the women every four years, with thirty years of follow-up. During that time, there were about 2,000 hip fractures. There was no evidence that their plant-based diets were linked to the hip fractures.

Moreover, eating a well-balanced plant-based diet was associated with a 21% lower risk of suffering a hip fracture. The scientists incidentally discovered consuming refined grains, and generously sweetened beverages, in addition to eating animal products, increased the risk of hip fracture among the postmenopausal subjects by 28%.

This information confirms conclusions from the famous China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University in his collaboration with scientists from Oxford University and Beijing University. They reported, decades ago, that a plant-based diet [with adequate plant proteins] protects our bones, as revealed by their epidemiological research in rural China. I highly recommend the book, The China Study which is now in paperback, and was on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

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