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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Questions Raised About the Safety of Calcium Supplements

An essential mineral, calcium is used for nerve conduction, bone density, and muscle contraction.  Our store-house of calcium is our bones.  As calcium is needed for these important functions, hormones tell the bones to release calcium into the blood making it available for use in those important functions.  Thus, it is important to consume enough calcium [and […]

Good News for Chocolate Lovers

As a chocolate snob myself, I am pleased to publish yet another reason to consume bittersweet chocolate.  A study reported in the British Medical Journal dated June 2015, described following nearly 21,000 chocolate-eating adults in England for 12 years.  Those with the highest chocolate consumption [16-99 grams per day – with 100gm being about 3.5 oz.] had […]

Eight Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Cancer

The American Institute for Cancer Research (visit- www.aicr.org/reduce-your-cancer-risk/) is a wonderful resource for information on how to use diet to reduce cancer risk, and provides information on foods to avoid that increase risk.  AICR suggestions for reducing cancer risk follow: 1.  Maintain a healthy weight.  Excess weight increases the risk of inflammation which increases the risk of cancers and […]