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Raiding the Cabinet to Whip up a Nutritious Dinner

Some of us are in our 8th week of isolation, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. I have taken it as a personal challenge to create simple, nutritious meals, using staples I normally keep in my kitchen. These meals have a bonus, as they are inexpensive, and can be made in quantity so I can freeze […]

Remaining Well Nourished While Confined to Your Home

As I write this entry, our citizens have been ordered to stay home, and keep a safe distance from others due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Solitary exercise is encouraged. And, if the weather cooperates, being outside is a mood-lifting bonus. If you are running out of your food supply, I wonder if you actually have […]

Improving our Western Diet

Countless studies have concluded that Americans should ditch our slap dash dietary habits, replacing them with the wholesome [and delicious] Mediterranean style of eating. Our abundance has led too many of us to suffer from the ‘diseases of affluence,’ so named by Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University. These food and lifestyle related illnesses […]

Plant-Based Hospital Meals, NYS Law

Thanks to a new law promoted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, with sponsors Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law in December requiring hospitals to list plant-based meal options in all written materials and menus. Hospitalized patients in NY State, can now choose to avoid unhealthy bacon, […]

Holiday Strategy

Now that Thanksgiving is under our belts, you should excuse the expression, it is time to think about damage control for the eating days ahead. I always advise clients to not attempt weight loss during the holiday season. My philosophy is that if one can maintain one’s weight during these challenging days, that is a […]

Buyer Beware

As health conscious consumers discover the many new food products promising to deliver improved health and/or lower weight, they would be wise to bring a healthy dose of skepticism with them as they make purchasing decisions. I have noticed more vegan options for those trying to avoid eating flesh foods. Among them, in the freezer […]

Benefits of Soy Products

Headlines designed to grab readers, viewers, and/or consumers often print the latest frightening gospel of the week in the field of nutrition. Soy products are a target of these alarmist statements, scaring people away from a perfectly sensible source of nutrients. I have heard it all: low sperm counts, breast cancer risks, inappropriate growth of […]

GA Hospital & McDonald’s

A recent article in the Georgia Health News [a non-profit newsletter devoted to covering health care in Georgia] announced The Medical Center, Navicent Health in Macon, GA, will close its McDonald’s restaurant. This action followed the posting of billboards near the hospital reading, “Not Lovin’ Clogged Arteries? Ask your local hospital to go #Fast Food […]

Doctors Plead, “Break Up With Bacon!”

As bacon’s popularity increases across the nation, doctors are becoming increasingly alarmed over the ever-growing risks this product presents to the population. When McDonald’s fast food chain introduced a bacon menu last January, that triggered doctor members of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to organize protests at hospitals and medical centers offering McDonald’s products. […]

Barbeque Safety

A study conducted three years ago found that nearly 90% of Americans use an outdoor grill to prepare meals- at least, some of the time. Summer is the season when many enjoy casual eating outdoors, next to their barbeque grill. But, this typically American preference exposes us to many risks. It is wise to implement […]