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GA Hospital & McDonald’s

A recent article in the Georgia Health News [a non-profit newsletter devoted to covering health care in Georgia] announced The Medical Center, Navicent Health in Macon, GA, will close its McDonald’s restaurant. This action followed the posting of billboards near the hospital reading, “Not Lovin’ Clogged Arteries? Ask your local hospital to go #Fast Food […]

Doctors Plead, “Break Up With Bacon!”

As bacon’s popularity increases across the nation, doctors are becoming increasingly alarmed over the ever-growing risks this product presents to the population. When McDonald’s fast food chain introduced a bacon menu last January, that triggered doctor members of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to organize protests at hospitals and medical centers offering McDonald’s products. […]

Barbeque Safety

A study conducted three years ago found that nearly 90% of Americans use an outdoor grill to prepare meals- at least, some of the time. Summer is the season when many enjoy casual eating outdoors, next to their barbeque grill. But, this typically American preference exposes us to many risks. It is wise to implement […]

The Value of Eating Like Your Great-Grandmother

Too many Americans are over-fed.  Contrary to the popular nutrition gospel preaching eating more protein, it is actually rare to see protein deficiency in this country, with a couple of exceptions.  The elderly, and those with eating disorders might not consume enough protein for optimal health.  In general, if one is eating enough calories, one […]

Easy Ways to Increase Your Vegetable Intake

Western diets are notoriously lacking in abundant portions of vegetables.  The rule of thumb is that half your dinner plate should be filled with vegetables.  One quarter of the plate should be reserved for the starch, and the last quarter of the plate is for the protein source [be it vegan or animal]. Too many […]

Dietary Risk Factors for Fatty Liver

Last year, the journal, Diabetes Care, reported a link between diets containing too much saturated fat, and/or sugar being a risk factor for a condition known as fatty liver. In recent years, more of my client population has been diagnosed with this condition than in years past, and this reflects the incidence in the general […]

The Microbiome

Before being introduced to the term ‘microbiome’ [micro-organisms living within, and on, our bodies], I used to teach clients about the amazing garden living in our intestines, composed of bacteria, hopefully in a healthy balance of beneficial strains and pathogens [disease causing].  I would let them know that some of those micro-organisms produce vitamin K […]

Studies in the News

Two studies caught my attention recently.  The current, useful information they contain could inspire readers to make positive changes in their diets resulting in improvements in their health- not to mention, a sense of control. The International Journal of Cancer reported a review of 18 studies evaluating the relationship between breast cancer rates and the […]

End of Year Celebrations, & those New Year Resolutions

I am often asked to create strategies for dealing with the food temptations at this time of year.  My response has always been that it is important to recognize food is more than nourishment for the body.  It reflects our ethnic heritage. It marks note-worthy holidays.  It measures the passage of time.  It reminds us […]

Artificial Sweeteners to Avoid

Nutrition Action, the monthly newsletter from the Washington, DC based Center for Science in the Public Interest [CSPI] is the nutrition equivalent to Consumer Reports.  Exhaustively researching the scientific and medical literature, and using their own laboratories, Nutrition Action’s reporters provide its readers with useful, trustworthy information. In one of the monthly issues an article […]