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Potassium’s Role in Managing Blood Pressure

It is not unusual for clients to be referred to me because they have been diagnosed with hypertension, high blood pressure. Elevated pressure of the blood’s flow against the walls of our blood vessels presents risks to our brains, hearts, kidneys, and eyes. Because of the potential seriousness of this condition, health care providers treat […]

Plant Based Diets- More Good News

The February, 2024 Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA] Network Open addressed a common concern that there might be a link between a plant-based diet and hip fractures in postmenopausal women. The JAMA report actually included diets containing no animal products [vegan], as well as those with a small amount of animal foods [including […]

Avoid Meat Consumption – Advises European Diabetes Study Group

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes released new recommendations printed in the journal Diabetologia. Like so many US health care providers, and nutritionists, the European group recommends a plant-based diet to help manage glucose levels in diabetic patients, and to possibly prevent the onset of Type II Diabetes in those who have not […]

The Dirty Dozen

For years I have been a fan of the Environmental Working Group [EWG], a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform the public about the toxic substances in our foods, and environment. Moreover, this organization lobbies our government to promote regulations that result in safer foods, water, and air. Fearless in the face of mega-corporations, […]

How is Diet Linked to Vestibular Migraines?

Migraine headaches are not unusual, affecting more than 17% of women, and almost 6% of men. These episodes can be brief, or go on for a day, often causing pain that interferes with one’s life, reducing productivity, and sense of well being. Less well known is a more rare headache known as Vestibular Migraine, striking […]

Blue Zones Eating Habits Linked to Longevity

Eating like the populations of the Blue Zones may enable many more of us to live in good health until the age of 100. Six places in the world hold the distinction of having populations living to 100, and beyond, in relatively good health. They are: Okinawa [an island near Japan], Sardinia [an island near […]

Food Choices May Reduce Risk of Dementias

An excellent way to start a New Year is to strongly consider the results of a Canadian study printed in the peer reviewed Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging. Researchers tested 8,500 Canadian participants, aged 45-85, evaluating their verbal fluency, while studying their eating patterns. Results of this study confirmed that following a Mediterranean-style diet […]

Eating Mindfully During the Holiday Season

It is possible to keep preventive approaches to eating for the maintenance of good health in the back of one’s mind…even during the holiday season. Family food traditions can be maintained with modifications to treasured recipes, keeping the precious flavors while reducing the risks associated with too much fat, and too many calories. The American […]

A Time to Give Thanks for Our Health

While today there is much turmoil and conflict, both in this country and around the world, Americans are about to enter the holiday season…a time for reflection, gathering with loved-ones, and giving thanks. Much of the emphasis, at this time of year, is on food…foods reflecting our national, and family cultures. We have an awareness […]

Singapore Qualifies as Blue Zone #6

For years I have talked with clients about the 5 locations in the world with unusually long lived populations. These living laboratories have developed an approach to life that promotes longevity without the suffering, and societal costs, associated with a large percent of their citizens coping with: obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease, and certain […]