NYS Certified Nutritionist

Alert for Supplement Consumers

I’m a subscriber to www.consumerlab.com , an independent laboratory that tests nutritional supplements to evaluate whether the contents match the claims on the labels.  There is little FDA oversight of this massive industry, and the principal Buyer Beware needs to be heeded.   Using the information on this website is very helpful to the wise supplement shopper.

Like Consumer Reports, Consumerlab.com sends out e-newsletters with their latest findings.   I recently received an alert from the lab saying that Andrew Lessman’s High Potency B-Complex capsule is NOT APPROVED by Consumerlab.com because the Vitamin B12 component contained only 78.8% of the amount claimed on the label of the product.  Lessman’s ProCaps Laboratories products are sold on HSN.

This may sound trivial, but if you are spending money on a product you trust, you want to get the product you are paying for.  In addition, vegans often count on supplements to get the necessary amount of Vitamin B12 in their diets.  This shortfall could affect their health.

Bottom line…Buyer Beware!