NYS Certified Nutritionist

Eight Useful Lifestyle Tips for Cancer Prevention & Survival

The newsletter Environmental Nutrition reported in its March issue findings of the American Institute for Cancer Research in the field of cancer prevention and survival.  They are as follows:

1.  Some Pancreatic Cancer Is Preventable.  A healthy weight can prevent 19% of pancreatic cancer cases.

2.  Exercise Helps Cancer Survivors.  Quality of life, body weight, strength, mood, and energy all improve with appropriate activity.

3.  Soy Products are Safe, Despite Previous Warnings.  Recent studies find that breast cancer survivors can safely eat one to two servings of soy per day.  A serving is 1/2 cup tofu, 1 cup soy milk, or 1/4 cup soy nuts.

4.  Inactivity is a Risk Factor.  A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of breast and colon cancer by about 10%.

5.  Being Overweight or Obese is a Risk.  Two-thirds of the US population is at increased risk for 7 cancers due to their excess fat stores.

6.  Sugary Drinks are Linked to Increased Weight.  Regular consumption of sweet beverages contributes to weight gain.

7.  Weight Loss Decreases Cancer Risk.  Losing weight may reduce the chronic inflammation linked to certain cancers.

8.  Keeping Excess Weight Off is the Key to Good Health.  The addition of vegetables and fruits is the single most effective strategy for maintaining a healthy weight.

Always check with your health care provider if you intend to make a change in your dietary habits, especially if you are being treated for an illness, or if you are a cancer survivor.