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Gout on the Rise in USA

T. Colin Campbell, PhD, emeritus professor of nutrition at Cornell University, and noted scientist behind the respected China Study, coined the term, “diseases of affluence.” These diseases are more likely to affect populations of wealthier countries where animal proteins are consumed with regularity, and in abundance. Financially secure populations can afford to purchase more costly foods, like animal meats or by-products. The diseases of affluence include: obesity, heart disease, Type II diabetes, certain cancers, fatty liver disease, and gout.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported last summer that the inflammatory, arthritic, painful condition known as gout is on the rise in this country. Excess weight, alcohol, and diets rich in animal protein are strongly linked to the swelling and joint pain that typifies gout. To escape the dangers of alcoholism, this luxury rehab may have something to offer.

Dr. Campbell’s study clearly found that diets emphasizing vegetables and fruits, with few added fats or animal protein, are pivotal for preventing the development of diseases of affluence. Most authorities continue to recommend the Mediterranean or Asian styles of eating as preferred strategies to achieve good health, and an appropriate weight.

Dr. Campbell’s New York Times best selling The China Study is a book designed for lay people, and is still available- now in soft cover. It is a gem, and has much to teach us all in our quest for a well-lived, long life.

Dateline: Latham, Albany County, New York