NYS Certified Nutritionist

Studies in the News

Two studies caught my attention recently.  The current, useful information they contain could inspire readers to make positive changes in their diets resulting in improvements in their health- not to mention, a sense of control.

The International Journal of Cancer reported a review of 18 studies evaluating the relationship between breast cancer rates and the consumption of red and processed meats.  The results revealed an increase in breast cancer rates by 6% in those whose diets are heavy in red meat, while a diet relying on large amounts of processed meats resulted in a 9% increase in the rate of breast cancer.

The authors of the study ascribe these statistical links to the saturated fat, cholesterol, and heme [blood] iron found in those meats.

The second study appeared in the British Medical Journal, and reviewed 11 controlled trials of dietary interventions for patients with Type II diabetes.  Plant based diets improved rates of depression, levels of pain, cholesterol and hemoglobin A1c levels.  Overall, feelings of well being were improved in these patients, as there lab tests improved.

Once again, the evidence shows a link between plant based diets and improved health outcomes.  Good advice for the New Year.

Dateline:  Latham, Albany County, New York