NYS Certified Nutritionist

A vote for frozen vegetables

I’m a fan of frozen vegetables for people in a hurry.  I prefer buying the 16 oz. plain vegetables in a plastic bag- no sauce, no salt.  The steam-in-the bag versions contain only 12 oz. of produce. [Not a good value.]  I also do not like heating plastic that touches food, because I want to avoid the leaching of unwanted substances into my meals.

The advantage of frozen produce is that it is always picked at its peak of ripeness.  It is clean, and it is already cut up, thus saving prep time.  The freezing process preserves the nutrients that are often lost in transporting fresh produce long distances.

To prepare frozen vegetables, I cover a baking sheet with foil and spray with canola oil. Placing the frozen vegetables on the foil lined sheet, I roast them in a preheated 425 degree oven.  When green vegetables have turned a deep, bright green, with slight signs of caramelization, I pull them from the oven and toss lightly with pepper, garlic powder, and Molly McButter which gives a buttery/salty flavor without all the sodium of salt.  The result is a serving of frozen vegetables that is not soggy, and is tasty, fat free, low calorie convenience food.

The key to health and longevity, vegetables are not a side dish anymore.  They should occupy half our dinner plates.  The starch and protein portions, the new side dishes, should each occupy ¼ of the entire plate.  So, busy people, enjoy your vegetables!