NYS Certified Nutritionist

Vegetable [and fruit] Intake and Risk of Breast Cancer

The current issue of Nutrition Action, the newsletter of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, reports that scientists observed 182,000 women over a 24 year period.  Those who consumed more than 5.5 servings of produce per day [not fruit juice] had an 11% lower risk of developing breast cancer than those who ate no more than 2.5 servings per day.  A serving is about 1/2 cup.

Notably, cruciferous vegetables [cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, bok choy, and brussels sprouts], winter squash and other yellow/orange and green/leafy vegetables were among those most linked to reduced rates of estrogen-negative and HER2 tumors.

Once again, the evidence shows that a plant based diet is protective against many illnesses.  The more deeply colored a fruit or vegetable is, the greater the benefits.  My suggestion?  Eat colorfully!

[Dateline:  Latham, Albany County, NY.]